Of EXERCISES of EXERCISES ON TECHNOLOGY of COORDINATION of the MOVEMENT of HANDS AND FEET IN SWIMMING BY THE CRAWL ON THE BACK To become the child having caved in ashore, to extend right left hand up a brush outside as though to be going to make a start from water, the left right hand at a hip.

Along with performance poperemen ny movements by hands a crawl on a back to move ahead a back pieces of chalk mi fast short steps.

Thus on each fungus the right hand imitating the worker the part of the movement, is carried out three short steps by feet right, left, right, and on each movement of the left hand three short steps left, right, left foot.

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If you sincerely

If you sincerely Questions I try to learn to praise correctly, but sometimes at me slip words perfectly and a forfeit stika.

What to do?

Please, afford initial reak tion.

If you sincerely feel delight and catch itself on that speak Perfectly!

, child will hear enthusiasm in your voice and will apprehend it As it is correct to praise as expression of your feelings.

However you always can to expand your initial reaction with the description, which will help the child to learn about degree of yours approvals: Here is how it was.

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They had to prodemonstriro

They had to prodemonstriro They had to prodemonstriro to vat impressive results to get in certain schools, but it not their original reflection studies, and it is rather a proof of improbable efforts, which they enclosed.

They left a hotbed, and now expect from them that they will grow in same speed, and they cannot simply make it.

Robin Friland, the psychologist, the expert in the field of education To encourage the child that he joyfully studied, to provide to it opportunity and to help it to think independently not means to raise it in a hotbed.

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And, not only

And, not only And age the °yanka of rebels now slips everything below and below.

That ST if was accepted earlier that the difficult age or tserekh°dnsh age is children of thirteen, chetyrYAADNATI’ fifteen years, now parents stalkikvatsya with full nonobedience of children at the age of teneleven years.

And, not only boys, but also girls.

Therefore the natural forecast of that will be with the child concerning whom strict measures of education are taken is that in it humility which differs from ability podchiknyatsya can be developed.

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In lectures

In lectures It is area esoteric.

In lectures of doctor O.


Torsunov very deeply the concept a mind body is also scientifically covered.

By means of mind of people contacts with a certain type of happiness which is available in some corner of the Universe.

The body of mind finds it, is adjusted and all actions of the person directs to the necessary party.

For example, the person somehow learned that in Ireland it is possible to make good money.

The reason directs landing there, does disembarkation there.

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