In general

In general They are emotsioknalna, sharply feel reaction to own needs And desires.

It is the most widespread type, sostavlyayukshchy nearly a quarter of children of the planet.

In general that y to motivate, much more time is required, parents have to reckon with it.

If to hurry such child, he will resist.

Often such children exaggerate the problems if there is a deficiency of attention.

They deliberately do it that parents very strongly irritates.

Active children want to work and reach results.

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Who whom

Who whom For example, owner's dog or owner soa tanks in what a difference?

Or: Kolya is rescued by Petya.

Who whom Saviour?

Answers to these questions demand mental perestaa novka of a subject and addition in kvaziprostranstvena ache to structure of the phrase.

Understanding of the quasispatial the relations helps to understand also sense art teka st.

You after all met children who do not like to read Ava torsky works, but with pleasure rummage in entsika lopediya?

It is important to note that the listed levels of development proa stranstvenny representations are not simply built on one above another, but also closely interact among themselves.

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In this

In this The child can raise shoulders.

In this case it has to uro thread them.

At alternate pronouncing sounds the t d between them can to creep a vowel y or a sound, close to it it speaks about violation of a speech exhalation.

If notice it, clamp to the child of a nostril, perhaps, you even will feel nasal sounding.

At the correct speech exhalation between sounds can to be only certain not clear, as if a shepotny vowel, actually simply a sound of the blown air.

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Steve Biddalf

Steve Biddalf All did the part with pleasure, and everyone cared about that it was easier not for it one, and all vm to sta.

And for some reason it did them the happy.

Steve Biddalf Vospitaniye of kids.

Whether a day nursery is necessary to children?

Ripolklassik, Moscow, Is in shops.

The book is read easily.

It is possible to start reading from chapter further to whom a reality more at the end of each chapter short conclusions.

INTRODUCTION This history began years ago.

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Exercises And here push force feet plays not the last role.

The strong and correct push will allow to overcome bigger distance without balance loss.

Exercises always have to be carried out correctly, because mistakes then it is difficult to correct.

For the prevention of mistakes originally skolzhe the scientific research institute should be carried out at limited distance, as shown in fig.

The group of exercises in sliding is transitional from group exercises on development with water to group on training sports spo to swimming soba.

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