Without tearing

Without tearing Fungus.

The mouth is slightly opened.

To Prisosat language behind upper teeth, on alveoluses.

Without tearing off language from a nb, to open a mouth everything is wider until then, so far language itself, having clicked, will not come off alveoluses.

The instruction can to be such: Prisos language.

It will be a mushroom.

Open a mouth everything wider and more widely the mushroom will grow.

Your task to grow up a mushroom is larger.

The bridle of language is considered corrected, when these exercises are easily carried out with a width of a mouth sufficient for pronouncing a sound aa.

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Then each

Then each I the staying at home father, and recently I thought up but vy way how to cope with a disorder, which How to speak that children listened.

children arrange.

I take a special pack, from where I remove all large cards.

Then each child takes the card and learns, how many things it should clean.

It brings them into big excitement, when they consider, how many things they cleaned, and run back that to extend the following card.

Last time all cleaning took twenty minutes, and boys were a razocha rovana that game so quickly ended.

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Questions But vanity and concern round the child creates oprekdelenny psychological mood which in itself can be destructive for it subsequently.

Questions and answers Question: In the childhood I was brought up by all gradually as mother suited the life with the second husband and did not take me for a long time to myself.

In its educational methods there were punishments both physical, and mental.

I tested violence for many years, thus never dared to snap or roughly to answer mother.

Of course, the big offense grew in soul.

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Early introduction

Early introduction Early introduction of products.

Than earlier you will enter is defined ny product in the child's diet after months, the it is rather the kid will get used to him see.

As when?


In preschool years the child passes a certain period, when he decides that it is possible to eat, and that no, see.

From where takes sya Foo!


If he did not try kakoyto a product to four years, that will not be included in edible category, and the child, possibly, will refuse it.

That is why children are more senior than four years often turn up the nose at food which does not correspond in precisely st to that mother prepares.

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But actually, suppression

But actually, suppression So, it is necessary to correct character of the child, or to change education methods, that is, to make them more rigid.

But actually, suppression leads to loss of understanding of the desires.

And when the child loses understanding of the desires, he loses understanding of values of parents, as the strongest, reasonable and the main thing of people, native from six billion, who are disturbed really by destiny of this child.

Nevertheless, the child refuses to cooperate, stays idle or even resists that still the bigger concern of parents and the phrase causes: What or from it, eventually, will grow from it?

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