In a distance

In a distance Ask it to call In end to read, what syllable it laid out.

The child has to perform just the same tasks with odnoslozh ny words for example: juice, cat, current, top, etc.


Surely at the end ask the child to read the laidout word.

In a distance neyshy it has to do it always.

You offer the child the disyllables consisting of the open syllables for example: porridge, father, land, hut, etc.


For about the child has to choose values of unstressed vowels of sounds letters of pink color.

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We were

We were As we knew, what valuable can be an experience in group, we solved to write a series of master classes Make itself, it is based ny on our book.

We were sure that if to give to parents easy for perception stepbystep programs mu, they will be able to study and practice together, stoyatelno, without the assistance of the consultant.

Our general plan worked.

Parents organizo bring down groups, ordered our master classes and could successfully to be engaged on them.

We did not expect that time personal experts will address to us and ispol to zovat our program How to speak.

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The child

The child The teacher gives to the child a big set of beads of one category, for example, separate beads.

The child counts on beads and every time replaces them with one ten.

It has to to define and call sets of beads.

It is possible to carry out as group game.

Thus one child becomes leader; to take away units.

The teacher gives to the child a core from beads and asks to give from it units.

The child changes ten on units also gives of them to the teacher.

It has to find whenever possible independently a way solutions of a task.

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As a result

As a result Then the sound with needs to be said on a short breath, feeling, as air a cold stream gets on a language tip.

Teeth have to to be in the family way of the correct bite, a lip in a smile.

Tell to the child: At first blow air from a mouth and say a sound with outside, and then soak up in yourself the same air and together with it a sound with back inside.

As a result the child will say a sound with on an exhalation and a breath.

Watch that he did not take a deep breath a thorax and shoulders have to be lowered and that he was not out of breath give him to take rest.

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But this

But this Use of physical restrictions it for me the heaviest.

I hated it, but I do not think, that could make chtolibo another, because it very much was angry when I demanded to leave alone brother.

But this process when you use all the force to constrain own child, incredibly disturbs me.

I try to return balance if I should become the buffer, I care of that all of us embraced then.

Jane P.

Actually it simply council, but I found, that it is easier to hold the child if to approach behind.

I managed to cross his hands and strong to hold, and thus I had not to fight against it.

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