I so became

I so became Experience of parents from our group My fouryearold daughter Marni always was difficult child.

It sometimes leads up me to such rage that I can do nothing with myself on to do.

Last week I came home and an obna pulled down that she drew with a pencil on wallpaper in the room.

I so became angry that properly spanked her.

Then told it that I take away it randash, as made.

The next morning I got up and thought that this hour I will die.

It appears, it took my lip a pom du also ornamented her all bathroom.

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But only

But only Needs of kids change so be Gotha you to replace a course and to try chtoto new, if old at ema do not work.

But only it is not necessary to follow at the same time to all councils, differently you with the child will finally get confused.

Most of all after the birth of the kid to you it is necessary rear under derzhka ktoto has to prepare, erase, iron and do other boring, but necessary trifles and emotional under the derzhka that is the person, whose presence gives you is sure to Nosta, but does not take away it; which will manage to help, without being imposed.

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If you are nervn

If you are nervn Some schools from a ponim the niy treat parental support of children on the first on ra, others consider it unnecessary it intervention.

Seldom kog yes it is possible to guess, what way will be the best in your case, but to be aware of school policy for it and va shy possible actions will not prevent at all.

You also should realize well your own from carrying to that your child goes to school.

If you are nervn hope and are not ready it to release, the child will reflect yours mood.

Try to inform to the child the positive the relation to school and confidence that he will consult.

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These offices

These offices Along with development of the industry of a day nursery there was a need for new experts, and offices Early childhood training heads and tutors of child care facilities began to open at universities and colleges.

These offices were generously financed by the right and left governments which were seeing tax advantages in general labor employment and having thus additional benefits because that at the same time expressed the progressive and friendly attitude towards women.

These offices often opened at universities where already there were offices of psychology with the faculties studying children's development which trained psychologists and children's social workers.

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Freedom It is very important to understand a difference between permissiveness and freedom.

Freedom allows to exercise still bigger control over children without intimidation, without pristyzheniye and the child's opprobium.

Ability to resist authority, conditionally speaking understanding of the right for revolt is the cornerstone of zdorokvy understanding I, the personality.

That is, the person understands that he can not follow higher authority, whether it be parents, whether it be the government, whether it be the Supreme power of God.

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That means: happy

That means: happy He rides the bicycle.

Therefore here a point.

That means: happy and healthy child?

To understand that such the happy and healthy child, it is necessary to know, first, for what he in general came here, for what realization of idea.

We, for example, Think if it is the girl, she has to receive an obrakzovaniye.

Today to reflect that the girl has to be happy in marriage, even does not come to almost any mother to mind.

So, if carries, can be.

But that to it some efforts to apply, somehow to train her no.

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