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The main

The main Wives make own decisions, but it is easier to make it when husbands give them the real support.

Spouses need to agree on individual decisions with the general family requirements.

The main thing to observe justice.

Pleasures and difficulties of a parental time can be divided equally between spouses.

It is pleasant to me to report about that fact that one of fathers now leaves work to look after the child this small number, but becomes more increasing than such fathers.

It is very good if mother can stay at home the first year after the child's birth when she is more vulnerable, but also is more provided with the nature to carry out functions of the first tutor.

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Their consciousness

Their consciousness At the very beginning of the life which we call childhood, people are not burdened experience of antecedents.

Their consciousness to some extent represents a blank sheet.

It is so arranged with the nature and Vsekvyshnim that the child is exempted from influences of antecedents, from estimates of as good or bad.

Irrespective of, whether the antecedents of the person were sinful, or it was very ennobled, former experience directly does not influence the child, that is his consciousness is as if protected, separated from last estimates, antecedents, last impressions.

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But to stake

But to stake Sometimes excess minutes help to facilitate the morning whims, it seems I cannot find the socks, where my port fel?

, I do not want to take with myself this apple, because on it speck.

It can not work every day, as inog yes it is just necessary to rise for minutes later and haste not to avoid.

But to stake feelings of children of any a cart the rasta means to push them to behavior, which to a dova it is put you to a white kaleniye.

Understanding of it can help to prefer as you to the excess hour spent with re benok.

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Vivian Gross, director

Vivian Gross, director Between parents often there are disputes, for example, how long the child has to remain at a table during a dinner.

Also it is a hard task.

Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy Yes, yes, yes, we have to stand together, never to contradict each other before children, if it force in unity and so on satsya their education, the other.

But the wife considers that I am too strict, and I am du to May that it lets too often much it.

We cannot come to a consent, and when passions are heated, I am sure, it is quite noticeable.

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Of EXERCISES of EXERCISES ON TECHNOLOGY of COORDINATION of the MOVEMENT of HANDS AND FEET IN SWIMMING BY THE CRAWL ON THE BACK To become the child having caved in ashore, to extend right left hand up a brush outside as though to be going to make a start from water, the left right hand at a hip.

Along with performance poperemen ny movements by hands a crawl on a back to move ahead a back pieces of chalk mi fast short steps.

Thus on each fungus the right hand imitating the worker the part of the movement, is carried out three short steps by feet right, left, right, and on each movement of the left hand three short steps left, right, left foot.

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If you sincerely

If you sincerely Questions I try to learn to praise correctly, but sometimes at me slip words perfectly and a forfeit stika.

What to do?

Please, afford initial reak tion.

If you sincerely feel delight and catch itself on that speak Perfectly!

, child will hear enthusiasm in your voice and will apprehend it As it is correct to praise as expression of your feelings.

However you always can to expand your initial reaction with the description, which will help the child to learn about degree of yours approvals: Here is how it was.

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