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Way of statement

Way of statement Thus the speech exhalation is strongly broken.

Way of statement any.

Words for check of a pronunciation of a sound and: i a hole the yama is said, iodine, Maya, a nut, the capelin, a holder, fight, howl And SOUND L AND ITS SOFT COUPLE Pronunciation of a sound l: Lips in neutral situation, teeth either are covered, or are slightly slightly opened.

The provision of language can be the various: the tip of language can rest against a place between alveoluses and the top cutters, in the basis of the top cutters, and also in top or lower cutters fig.

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The child

The child Parents The growing independence have to show to the child chtoto to what follows to aspire, but not to force it to see life as everything is bad or everything is good.

The child does not owe du mother that if it does chtoto that is not pleasant to his family, it becomes bad.

Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy things, unclear to the child.

Understanding child of morals can be more difficult, than we got used to consider, but nevertheless it is very simple to stuff to the child the head difficult styam while he just gets used to elements.

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About consequences

About consequences Behaving for a nose or for toes?

When I sing or when I am silent?

It is better if I give you it or you will take?

Essence in that is easier to swallow of something if who be understands how to you it is heavy and if you a vyska zyvatsya on this subject.

About consequences Other failures in communication happened, when an afterbirth stviye were included in process of a solution.

One mother told us as she was disappointed, trying to solve with the child a problem, because it not izmenno came to an end with quarrel.

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Serious reasonable

Serious reasonable Women by the nature are purer and more inclined to feeling of sense of guilt, experience of feelings of fault.

Serious reasonable promotion against abortions which is conducted by orthodox church, katolikchesky church, lays down heavy freight on shoulders zhenkshchin.

Actually, this freight has nothing to do there.

Women are very much weighed upon it, they enter very heavy state of mind, endure sense of guilt, consider that they are unworthy to begin spiritual practice and to address to God as are too sinful.

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At desire

At desire Wrong bite Types of the wrong bite are described on page If the child has a vertical bite, he can be taught ravilno to say sounds.

In the heads devoted to statement a game kretny sounds, it is told, how it to do.

Vertical bite not it is strongly reflected and in the child's exterior, from outside he not really it is noticeable.

At desire you can address to the orthodontist for it correction.

The lower putforward bite, as a rule, is swept up from the party and spoils appearance of the child, as the lower jaw together with podbo the rodok is protruding forward.

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And if parents

And if parents Conditions in which he lives, are defined by its acts in antecedents.

It for studying Vedic knowledge not news.

And if parents try to protect the child from influence of a karma, there can be seryezkny problems.

First, the blow to parents can be very strong.

Too strong that they stood him.

Because each person is given a heavy karma, destiny, certain tests exactly so, how he can take out.

It potenktsiat it.

If, without having increased the spiritual potential, the person for a reason of attachment, an ambition or ambition assumes bigger blow, it can simply not stand him.

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