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It is a certain

It is a certain The child of five, six, seven and nine years says I, but with parents he still has no full razotozhdestvleniye or a sufficient razotozhdestvleniye.

It is a certain wisdom of the nature, wisdom of the Lord because the child thus is under protection of parents.

But if parents near children stay a long time in heavy mood, endure the negative emotions, in this case the child feels vinovatm even if these emotions are not caused by him.

And if thus still declare to the child to motivate his activity, for example: I raise you one.

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Listen to the instincts

Listen to the instincts The lulling signals.

Listen to the instincts also react as consider pravil to ny, adequately pressing needs of your child.

If leaves nothing, put the kid in a carriage or in ken the guru also go on walk.

Rhythmic movements will help it to calm down, and change of a situation will be useful to you oboim.

That the child grew the happy Over time everything changes, and sometimes very much quickly.

Kids are capable to get the new habits and to establish new rules practically for one night and as anything does not stand still, hard times too pass.

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Consciously A little successfully races stavlenny toys can relieve you of torments.

on some time.

Tempt the child with his favourite game, show him chtolibo the interesting: plane, birdie, your hours or, napr measures as you can touch a language tip a tip the nose.

Consciously displace focus of your attention, and the kid, most likely, will displace the.

One nurse which I met, told me such focus.

It is necessary to have a box special malen ky subjects which is taken out only on a wasp to by cases or when mother really very much it is occupied.

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First of all in the field

First of all in the field Therefore children who come now, have the sensitivity level intended for these purposes deeply to perceive and deeply to endure everything that happens to them and to the people surrounding them.

First of all in the field of their sight, and, as if, comprehension by feelings of this world adults who live near them get.

Some kind of contrast results.

The matter is that generation of rodiktel, that is we, unlike our children, did not get used to so rough natural manifestation of emotions.

The last circumstance is directly connected with understanding of own desires.

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