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The child

The child Parents The growing independence have to show to the child chtoto to what follows to aspire, but not to force it to see life as everything is bad or everything is good.

The child does not owe du mother that if it does chtoto that is not pleasant to his family, it becomes bad.

Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy things, unclear to the child.

Understanding child of morals can be more difficult, than we got used to consider, but nevertheless it is very simple to stuff to the child the head difficult styam while he just gets used to elements.

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About consequences

About consequences Behaving for a nose or for toes?

When I sing or when I am silent?

It is better if I give you it or you will take?

Essence in that is easier to swallow of something if who be understands how to you it is heavy and if you a vyska zyvatsya on this subject.

About consequences Other failures in communication happened, when an afterbirth stviye were included in process of a solution.

One mother told us as she was disappointed, trying to solve with the child a problem, because it not izmenno came to an end with quarrel.

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