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I so became

Experience of parents from our group My fouryearold daughter Marni always was difficult child.It sometimes leads up me to such rage that I can do nothing with myself on to do.Last week I came home and an obna pulled down that she drew with a pencil on wallpaper in the room.I so became angry that properly spanked her.Then told it that I take away it randash, as made.The next morning I got up and thought that this hour I will die.It appears, it took my lip a pom du also ornamented her all bathroom.

But only

Needs of kids change so be Gotha you to replace a course and to try chtoto new, if old at ema do not work.But only it is not necessary to follow at the same time to all councils, differently you with the child will finally get confused.Most of all after the birth of the kid to you it is necessary rear under derzhka ktoto has to prepare, erase, iron and do other boring, but necessary trifles and emotional under the derzhka that is the person, whose presence gives you is sure to Nosta, but does not take away it; which will manage to help, without being imposed.

If you are nervn

Some schools from a ponim the niy treat parental support of children on the first on ra, others consider it unnecessary it intervention.Seldom kog yes it is possible to guess, what way will be the best in your case, but to be aware of school policy for it and va shy possible actions will not prevent at all.You also should realize well your own from carrying to that your child goes to school.If you are nervn hope and are not ready it to release, the child will reflect yours mood.Try to inform to the child the positive the relation to school and confidence that he will consult.

These offices

Along with development of the industry of a day nursery there was a need for new experts, and offices Early childhood training heads and tutors of child care facilities began to open at universities and colleges.These offices were generously financed by the right and left governments which were seeing tax advantages in general labor employment and having thus additional benefits because that at the same time expressed the progressive and friendly attitude towards women.These offices often opened at universities where already there were offices of psychology with the faculties studying children's development which trained psychologists and children's social workers.


It is very important to understand a difference between permissiveness and freedom.Freedom allows to exercise still bigger control over children without intimidation, without pristyzheniye and the child's opprobium.Ability to resist authority, conditionally speaking understanding of the right for revolt is the cornerstone of zdorokvy understanding I, the personality.That is, the person understands that he can not follow higher authority, whether it be parents, whether it be the government, whether it be the Supreme power of God.

That means: happy

He rides the bicycle.Therefore here a point.That means: happy and healthy child?To understand that such the happy and healthy child, it is necessary to know, first, for what he in general came here, for what realization of idea.We, for example, Think if it is the girl, she has to receive an obrakzovaniye.Today to reflect that the girl has to be happy in marriage, even does not come to almost any mother to mind.So, if carries, can be.But that to it some efforts to apply, somehow to train her no.

The main

Wives make own decisions, but it is easier to make it when husbands give them the real support.Spouses need to agree on individual decisions with the general family requirements.The main thing to observe justice.Pleasures and difficulties of a parental time can be divided equally between spouses.It is pleasant to me to report about that fact that one of fathers now leaves work to look after the child this small number, but becomes more increasing than such fathers.It is very good if mother can stay at home the first year after the child's birth when she is more vulnerable, but also is more provided with the nature to carry out functions of the first tutor.

Their consciousness

At the very beginning of the life which we call childhood, people are not burdened experience of antecedents.Their consciousness to some extent represents a blank sheet.It is so arranged with the nature and Vsekvyshnim that the child is exempted from influences of antecedents, from estimates of as good or bad.Irrespective of, whether the antecedents of the person were sinful, or it was very ennobled, former experience directly does not influence the child, that is his consciousness is as if protected, separated from last estimates, antecedents, last impressions.

But to stake

Sometimes excess minutes help to facilitate the morning whims, it seems I cannot find the socks, where my port fel?, I do not want to take with myself this apple, because on it speck.It can not work every day, as inog yes it is just necessary to rise for minutes later and haste not to avoid.But to stake feelings of children of any a cart the rasta means to push them to behavior, which to a dova it is put you to a white kaleniye.Understanding of it can help to prefer as you to the excess hour spent with re benok.

Vivian Gross, director

Between parents often there are disputes, for example, how long the child has to remain at a table during a dinner.Also it is a hard task.Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy Yes, yes, yes, we have to stand together, never to contradict each other before children, if it force in unity and so on satsya their education, the other.But the wife considers that I am too strict, and I am du to May that it lets too often much it.We cannot come to a consent, and when passions are heated, I am sure, it is quite noticeable.


of EXERCISES ON TECHNOLOGY of COORDINATION of the MOVEMENT of HANDS AND FEET IN SWIMMING BY THE CRAWL ON THE BACK To become the child having caved in ashore, to extend right left hand up a brush outside as though to be going to make a start from water, the left right hand at a hip.Along with performance poperemen ny movements by hands a crawl on a back to move ahead a back pieces of chalk mi fast short steps.Thus on each fungus the right hand imitating the worker the part of the movement, is carried out three short steps by feet right, left, right, and on each movement of the left hand three short steps left, right, left foot.

If you sincerely

Questions I try to learn to praise correctly, but sometimes at me slip words perfectly and a forfeit stika.What to do?Please, afford initial reak tion.If you sincerely feel delight and catch itself on that speak Perfectly!, child will hear enthusiasm in your voice and will apprehend it As it is correct to praise as expression of your feelings.However you always can to expand your initial reaction with the description, which will help the child to learn about degree of yours approvals: Here is how it was.

They had to prodemonstriro

They had to prodemonstriro to vat impressive results to get in certain schools, but it not their original reflection studies, and it is rather a proof of improbable efforts, which they enclosed.They left a hotbed, and now expect from them that they will grow in same speed, and they cannot simply make it.Robin Friland, the psychologist, the expert in the field of education To encourage the child that he joyfully studied, to provide to it opportunity and to help it to think independently not means to raise it in a hotbed.

And, not only

And age the °yanka of rebels now slips everything below and below.That ST if was accepted earlier that the difficult age or tserekh°dnsh age is children of thirteen, chetyrYAADNATI’ fifteen years, now parents stalkikvatsya with full nonobedience of children at the age of teneleven years.And, not only boys, but also girls.Therefore the natural forecast of that will be with the child concerning whom strict measures of education are taken is that in it humility which differs from ability podchiknyatsya can be developed.

In lectures

It is area esoteric.In lectures of doctor O.G.Torsunov very deeply the concept a mind body is also scientifically covered.By means of mind of people contacts with a certain type of happiness which is available in some corner of the Universe.The body of mind finds it, is adjusted and all actions of the person directs to the necessary party.For example, the person somehow learned that in Ireland it is possible to make good money.The reason directs landing there, does disembarkation there.

In general

They are emotsioknalna, sharply feel reaction to own needs And desires.It is the most widespread type, sostavlyayukshchy nearly a quarter of children of the planet.In general that y to motivate, much more time is required, parents have to reckon with it.If to hurry such child, he will resist.Often such children exaggerate the problems if there is a deficiency of attention.They deliberately do it that parents very strongly irritates.Active children want to work and reach results.

Who whom

For example, owner's dog or owner soa tanks in what a difference?Or: Kolya is rescued by Petya.Who whom Saviour?Answers to these questions demand mental perestaa novka of a subject and addition in kvaziprostranstvena ache to structure of the phrase.Understanding of the quasispatial the relations helps to understand also sense art teka st.You after all met children who do not like to read Ava torsky works, but with pleasure rummage in entsika lopediya?It is important to note that the listed levels of development proa stranstvenny representations are not simply built on one above another, but also closely interact among themselves.

In this

The child can raise shoulders.In this case it has to uro thread them.At alternate pronouncing sounds the t d between them can to creep a vowel y or a sound, close to it it speaks about violation of a speech exhalation.If notice it, clamp to the child of a nostril, perhaps, you even will feel nasal sounding.At the correct speech exhalation between sounds can to be only certain not clear, as if a shepotny vowel, actually simply a sound of the blown air.

Steve Biddalf

All did the part with pleasure, and everyone cared about that it was easier not for it one, and all vm to sta.And for some reason it did them the happy.Steve Biddalf Vospitaniye of kids.Whether a day nursery is necessary to children?Ripolklassik, Moscow, Is in shops.The book is read easily.It is possible to start reading from chapter further to whom a reality more at the end of each chapter short conclusions.INTRODUCTION This history began years ago.


And here push force feet plays not the last role.The strong and correct push will allow to overcome bigger distance without balance loss.Exercises always have to be carried out correctly, because mistakes then it is difficult to correct.For the prevention of mistakes originally skolzhe the scientific research institute should be carried out at limited distance, as shown in fig.The group of exercises in sliding is transitional from group exercises on development with water to group on training sports spo to swimming soba.

Without tearing

Fungus.The mouth is slightly opened.To Prisosat language behind upper teeth, on alveoluses.Without tearing off language from a nb, to open a mouth everything is wider until then, so far language itself, having clicked, will not come off alveoluses.The instruction can to be such: Prisos language.It will be a mushroom.Open a mouth everything wider and more widely the mushroom will grow.Your task to grow up a mushroom is larger.The bridle of language is considered corrected, when these exercises are easily carried out with a width of a mouth sufficient for pronouncing a sound aa.

Then each

I the staying at home father, and recently I thought up but vy way how to cope with a disorder, which How to speak that children listened.children arrange.I take a special pack, from where I remove all large cards.Then each child takes the card and learns, how many things it should clean.It brings them into big excitement, when they consider, how many things they cleaned, and run back that to extend the following card.Last time all cleaning took twenty minutes, and boys were a razocha rovana that game so quickly ended.


But vanity and concern round the child creates oprekdelenny psychological mood which in itself can be destructive for it subsequently.Questions and answers Question: In the childhood I was brought up by all gradually as mother suited the life with the second husband and did not take me for a long time to myself.In its educational methods there were punishments both physical, and mental.I tested violence for many years, thus never dared to snap or roughly to answer mother.Of course, the big offense grew in soul.

Early introduction

Early introduction of products.Than earlier you will enter is defined ny product in the child's diet after months, the it is rather the kid will get used to him see.As when?.In preschool years the child passes a certain period, when he decides that it is possible to eat, and that no, see.From where takes sya Foo!.If he did not try kakoyto a product to four years, that will not be included in edible category, and the child, possibly, will refuse it.That is why children are more senior than four years often turn up the nose at food which does not correspond in precisely st to that mother prepares.

But actually, suppression

So, it is necessary to correct character of the child, or to change education methods, that is, to make them more rigid.But actually, suppression leads to loss of understanding of the desires.And when the child loses understanding of the desires, he loses understanding of values of parents, as the strongest, reasonable and the main thing of people, native from six billion, who are disturbed really by destiny of this child.Nevertheless, the child refuses to cooperate, stays idle or even resists that still the bigger concern of parents and the phrase causes: What or from it, eventually, will grow from it?

In a distance

Ask it to call In end to read, what syllable it laid out.The child has to perform just the same tasks with odnoslozh ny words for example: juice, cat, current, top, etc..Surely at the end ask the child to read the laidout word.In a distance neyshy it has to do it always.You offer the child the disyllables consisting of the open syllables for example: porridge, father, land, hut, etc..For about the child has to choose values of unstressed vowels of sounds letters of pink color.

We were

As we knew, what valuable can be an experience in group, we solved to write a series of master classes Make itself, it is based ny on our book.We were sure that if to give to parents easy for perception stepbystep programs mu, they will be able to study and practice together, stoyatelno, without the assistance of the consultant.Our general plan worked.Parents organizo bring down groups, ordered our master classes and could successfully to be engaged on them.We did not expect that time personal experts will address to us and ispol to zovat our program How to speak.

The child

The teacher gives to the child a big set of beads of one category, for example, separate beads.The child counts on beads and every time replaces them with one ten.It has to to define and call sets of beads.It is possible to carry out as group game.Thus one child becomes leader; to take away units.The teacher gives to the child a core from beads and asks to give from it units.The child changes ten on units also gives of them to the teacher.It has to find whenever possible independently a way solutions of a task.

As a result

Then the sound with needs to be said on a short breath, feeling, as air a cold stream gets on a language tip.Teeth have to to be in the family way of the correct bite, a lip in a smile.Tell to the child: At first blow air from a mouth and say a sound with outside, and then soak up in yourself the same air and together with it a sound with back inside.As a result the child will say a sound with on an exhalation and a breath.Watch that he did not take a deep breath a thorax and shoulders have to be lowered and that he was not out of breath give him to take rest.

But this

Use of physical restrictions it for me the heaviest.I hated it, but I do not think, that could make chtolibo another, because it very much was angry when I demanded to leave alone brother.But this process when you use all the force to constrain own child, incredibly disturbs me.I try to return balance if I should become the buffer, I care of that all of us embraced then.Jane P.Actually it simply council, but I found, that it is easier to hold the child if to approach behind.I managed to cross his hands and strong to hold, and thus I had not to fight against it.

So arises

Floor and development If the child has no worthy father who would teach to distinguish it good from bad, he will receive having appeared the leniye about that means to be the man, from telecasts and from the companies with which dangles.So arises artificial image of the man.Steve Biddalf, psychologist and writer Aggression The violence is generally man's problem, and roots it, seemingly, first of all social, but not biolo gichesky.They emphasize shortcomings modern socialization of male children and advance in the society of man's images and the macho's models.

Since nine

When the child makes mistakes, parents have to be always responsible and not force to chuvstvokvat the child responsibility.Before nine years children are not capable to selfchecking, selfsupervision or selfcorrection because without logical thinking they can imitate behavior only.Since nine years to eighteen children can seek to be responsible and reliable, but become quite responsible approximately at the age of nineteen years.Then we give them the chance quietly to live in this world which compels to rely only on own acts and actions.

Melanie M. Deduction

Many child

The same can be told about emigrants and immigrants.For poor the supreme value family unity, and often it helps them to survive.Many child care facilities of the United States intentionally employ as Latin Americans because these young women are more inclined to love, care, tenderness and kind humour that is very useful and it is natural to children.Parents prefer them.White tutors are more concentrated on themselves, are cold and less sympathizing.Really the agrarian countries and the countries focused on family tenor of life remained the last place where are capable to love children?

In re the alny

It can put them in the adverse situation when they graduate from school.In re the alny world and in labor market it is required to them more strongly to risk, be more original and creative.It not necessarily those qualities which helped them to pass examinations.Concrete Marshall, teacher of the subject Education, Royal college, London Desire to be good can get into communication of boundaries du girls and their parents.Girls want, that parents listened to them, and the facts say that girls have tenden the tion to say to parents that, in their opinion, parents want to hear.

And he did not want

Disturbs that if he did not tell it, I would be full of sympathy for it and would tell: Not turn attention, the road.And he did not want it, he wanted a praise for what he achieved, but not sympathy from for what did not make.Jane P.If to try to help children to cope with their distinctions, about rashchayas with them it is identical, the result often turns out skim milk ny.It is impossible to give to children identical quantity time and it is not necessary to do it.In different circumstances and on different stages of their development in them there will be different requirements, and you will react to them incorrectly if are vseg yes to try to divide everything into equal parts.

Way of statement

Thus the speech exhalation is strongly broken.Way of statement any.Words for check of a pronunciation of a sound and: i a hole the yama is said, iodine, Maya, a nut, the capelin, a holder, fight, howl And SOUND L AND ITS SOFT COUPLE Pronunciation of a sound l: Lips in neutral situation, teeth either are covered, or are slightly slightly opened.The provision of language can be the various: the tip of language can rest against a place between alveoluses and the top cutters, in the basis of the top cutters, and also in top or lower cutters fig.

The child

Parents The growing independence have to show to the child chtoto to what follows to aspire, but not to force it to see life as everything is bad or everything is good.The child does not owe du mother that if it does chtoto that is not pleasant to his family, it becomes bad.Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy things, unclear to the child.Understanding child of morals can be more difficult, than we got used to consider, but nevertheless it is very simple to stuff to the child the head difficult styam while he just gets used to elements.

About consequences

Behaving for a nose or for toes?When I sing or when I am silent?It is better if I give you it or you will take?Essence in that is easier to swallow of something if who be understands how to you it is heavy and if you a vyska zyvatsya on this subject.About consequences Other failures in communication happened, when an afterbirth stviye were included in process of a solution.One mother told us as she was disappointed, trying to solve with the child a problem, because it not izmenno came to an end with quarrel.

Serious reasonable

Women by the nature are purer and more inclined to feeling of sense of guilt, experience of feelings of fault.Serious reasonable promotion against abortions which is conducted by orthodox church, katolikchesky church, lays down heavy freight on shoulders zhenkshchin.Actually, this freight has nothing to do there.Women are very much weighed upon it, they enter very heavy state of mind, endure sense of guilt, consider that they are unworthy to begin spiritual practice and to address to God as are too sinful.

At desire

Wrong bite Types of the wrong bite are described on page If the child has a vertical bite, he can be taught ravilno to say sounds.In the heads devoted to statement a game kretny sounds, it is told, how it to do.Vertical bite not it is strongly reflected and in the child's exterior, from outside he not really it is noticeable.At desire you can address to the orthodontist for it correction.The lower putforward bite, as a rule, is swept up from the party and spoils appearance of the child, as the lower jaw together with podbo the rodok is protruding forward.

And if parents

Conditions in which he lives, are defined by its acts in antecedents.It for studying Vedic knowledge not news.And if parents try to protect the child from influence of a karma, there can be seryezkny problems.First, the blow to parents can be very strong.Too strong that they stood him.Because each person is given a heavy karma, destiny, certain tests exactly so, how he can take out.It potenktsiat it.If, without having increased the spiritual potential, the person for a reason of attachment, an ambition or ambition assumes bigger blow, it can simply not stand him.

It is a certain

The child of five, six, seven and nine years says I, but with parents he still has no full razotozhdestvleniye or a sufficient razotozhdestvleniye.It is a certain wisdom of the nature, wisdom of the Lord because the child thus is under protection of parents.But if parents near children stay a long time in heavy mood, endure the negative emotions, in this case the child feels vinovatm even if these emotions are not caused by him.And if thus still declare to the child to motivate his activity, for example: I raise you one.

Listen to the instincts

The lulling signals.Listen to the instincts also react as consider pravil to ny, adequately pressing needs of your child.If leaves nothing, put the kid in a carriage or in ken the guru also go on walk.Rhythmic movements will help it to calm down, and change of a situation will be useful to you oboim.That the child grew the happy Over time everything changes, and sometimes very much quickly.Kids are capable to get the new habits and to establish new rules practically for one night and as anything does not stand still, hard times too pass.


A little successfully races stavlenny toys can relieve you of torments.on some time.Tempt the child with his favourite game, show him chtolibo the interesting: plane, birdie, your hours or, napr measures as you can touch a language tip a tip the nose.Consciously displace focus of your attention, and the kid, most likely, will displace the.One nurse which I met, told me such focus.It is necessary to have a box special malen ky subjects which is taken out only on a wasp to by cases or when mother really very much it is occupied.

First of all in the field

Therefore children who come now, have the sensitivity level intended for these purposes deeply to perceive and deeply to endure everything that happens to them and to the people surrounding them.First of all in the field of their sight, and, as if, comprehension by feelings of this world adults who live near them get.Some kind of contrast results.The matter is that generation of rodiktel, that is we, unlike our children, did not get used to so rough natural manifestation of emotions.The last circumstance is directly connected with understanding of own desires.


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